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The Wall Street Institute Method is a practical and results-oriented way of learning to communicate effectively in English. It is a modular and highly flexible system, where learners are closely supported and encouraged. The Wall Street Institute Method's adaptive mixture of learning modes and approaches enables everyone to succeed, whatever their preferred learning style or previous experience of learning.

The Wall Street Institute Acquisition Cycle

Wall Street Institute's proprietary Acquisition Cycle is the core to learning English at Wall Street Institute. The Acquisition Cycle is a multi-stage learning process based on academically proven English as a Second Language techniques and procedures, and centered around the classic "3 Ps of language learning": Presentation, Practice and Production.


aquisition cycle

Students start the Wall Street Institute Acquisition Cycle with an Interactive Lesson, which teaches new vocabulary, grammar and idioms through dramatized real–life situations. Students develop their speaking skills through listening, repeating and reading the new language learned. These lessons also have periodic checkpoints where students can confirm what they have learned.

The interactive lessons take the form of state-of-the-art multimedia presentations, which can be accessed any time, either in a Wall Street Institute center or online. In this way students have the flexibility to complete their lessons at the time that is most convenient to them, whether in the centers, at home or when traveling. As an added benefit, when working through the Interactive Lessons in the Wall Street Institute center, every student also has access to an expert Personal Tutor for answers to any questions.

The next stage of study is the Student Manual, which contains a summary of the learning points in the Interactive Lesson, together with a set of written activities. Students complete these exercises at home, and bring them to the center for the teachers to review.

Students then participate in small core classes led by native English-speaking teachers, called Encounters. These classes average 3 students who are all at the same learning level, so students feel comfortable practicing and applying their new language skills. Encounters are focused on building communication skills and self-confidence in using English.

The Wall Street Institute Method is supplemented by two types of optional classes: Complementary Classes and Social Club Activities. These are designed to take the student as close to an immersion experience as possible in a convenient and entertaining way.

Complementary Classes are communication classes of 8 students on average taught by a native English speaking teacher, allowing students to develop their fluency with fellow students at their same level. Class topics vary and usually involve interactive role plays, such as arranging holiday plans, ordering food in a restaurant, being interviewed for a job, and debating on a variety of topics.

Social Club Activities offer a fun way for students to further immerse themselves in English. Students can participate in group activities run by teachers, both inside and outside the Center. Examples include: guided art gallery trips, student theater performances, fashion shows, weekend barbeques, sports events, karaoke nights, quiz shows, and traditional festivities such as Halloween parties.

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Learning Method in Action

View the images to see how students learn English through our unique Wall Street Institute Method.

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Students work through their Interactive Lessons at a Wall Street Institute Center
Students complete written activities in their Student Manuals
Student participate in teacher led small classes
Students learn English while having fun with the Social Club activities
Students practice English in the fun Social Club environment
Students are immersed in English in the Social Club activities