What Makes Wall Street Institute Different?

Wall Street Institute understands that every person learns a language differently and at their own pace. Unlike traditional schools that only teach grammar out of a book, we teach people how to understand and speak English. Through our unique Wall Street Institute Method, students listen, read, write, speak, and practice their English in a fully immersive English-only environment, which helps them achieve a deeper understanding of the language.

Wall Street Institute offers:

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How do you get started?

Wall Street Institute offers 20 different levels of coursework ranging from complete beginner to highly advanced English. These levels are grouped into learning “Stages”.  Students take an assessment test to determine their current understanding of English, ensuring proper placement in the course. Students progress through the levels to achieve their personal English goals.



The content and exercises in the Survival stage provide students with the basic framework for recognizing and using basic vocabulary and typical expressions.


Students will learn to express themselves in everyday situations to accomplish basic tasks such as self–introduction and asking for directions. With WaystagePro, students are introduced to basic administrative and managerial skills ranging from proper professional phone etiquette to making simple presentations.

Upper Waystage

At this stage, students can hold a conversation with a good degree of fluency, read simple technical documents, and write short business reports. UpperWaystagePro teaches skills that range from handling important calls in the manager's absence to learning recruiting and interviewing techniques for managerial staff.  


At the Threshold stage, student can converse with a high degree of fluency and are able to comprehend complex ideas expressed in English. With ThresholdPro, students are challenged with executive-level complexities ranging from cross-cultural conflict resolution to discussing a company's brand and marketing strategy.


At this stage, students reinforce their English proficiency through dialogues, role–plays, and readings designed to expand vocabulary and introduce new sentence structures.


This stage ensures students continue to improve their fluency and master complex expressions. Students will understand and participate in meetings with advanced English speakers.

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